Miami Mold Can Grow and Spread Fast

As soon as materials get wet, mold can begin to grow, particularly if these materials are allowed to remain wet for a couple of days. Leaving this mold untreated means you allow it to spread while also making it more resistant to get under control.
For insurance purposes, take pictures of all the affected areas. Then, get Alpha Restoration & Remodeling, a mold remediation company in Miami, FL, to come to your property and start working on mold removal services and restoration so that you can go back to enjoying the spaces the way you did before they were impacted by water and mold.

Mold Remediation is Important

Mold will grow easily on areas and surfaces that are allowed to remain untreated after suffering water damage. Mold spores will settle on wet spots and start to multiply, taking advantage of all the food they can find in rotting materials damaged by water. That is why the best way to stop mold growth in its tracks is to control the room’s moisture level.
If moisture levels in the air and on surfaces remain high and nutrients such as the cellulose available in paper and wood are easily available, mold or other fungi will start growing immediately.
There are certain subspecies of mold that will produce mycotoxins or microbial volatile organic compounds that have been proven to be toxic to both animals and humans. If you and your loved ones remain in a location infested by mold, you can quickly start experiencing respiratory difficulties and other health issues.
If your home or business has been affected by water and you are now dealing with toxic mold, it is crucial to get the mold removal experts from Alpha Restoration & Remodeling to come to your premises as soon as possible to conduct a mold inspection and perform mold remediation to put an end to this worrisome mold problem.

Determining Whether You Have a Mold Problem

When mold lives outdoors, it causes no problem. On the contrary, it is part of the natural world and plays an important role because it can break down dead organic matter such as dead tree limbs and fallen leaves. Mold starts becoming a problem when allowed to come inside a home or business. Spores are responsible for mold reproduction and are invisible to the eye.
Water needs to be present for mold to grow, and even if some spores were to enter a home, they would be unable to grow without moisture. If you know or have discovered that there has been an issue with water in the property, be it a flood, a leak, or for some other reason, you can be reasonably certain that there will be mold.
This mold needs to be remediated as soon as possible before it grows and gets out of control, destroying everything along its path. Waiting even just a couple of days before conducting mold removal means leaving the area wide open for the growth and reproduction of mold.
It is important to discover if you have mold in your home and get professional mold removal because:
  • Mold causes potential health symptoms that include allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and a variety of respiratory ailments.
  • The best way to avoid or control mold in a home is by controlling moisture everywhere that it is present.
  • Leaks and water filtrations into a property must be fixed since they are sources of moisture.
  • Reducing humidity in bathrooms through vents or open windows decreases the chances of developing mold.
  • Mold on hard surfaces can be eliminated with water and detergent and allowed to dry thoroughly.
  • Avoid installing carpeting in areas where moisture is present such as bathrooms, kitchens, near water fountains, or wherever leaks appear.
As soon as you discover or suspect mold in your home, call Alpha Restoration & Remodeling. We will perform a mold inspection and take care of your mold removal needs. Call us today.

Mold Removal Process

Our professional mold testers will employ several methods to test for the presence of Miami mold. The air will be tested, and samples will be collected from certain points and materials. After the amount and types of mold growth have been identified, mold remediation can begin.
After a mold assessment, our technicians will wear protective equipment, including goggles and respirators. If needed, they will contain the area with plastic sheeting to prevent further contamination of other sections of the home or business.
To reduce the time and expense associated with mold removal and mold remediation cleaning services, it is crucial to call Alpha Restoration & Remodeling, your locally owned Miami mold specialist, as soon as you notice the issue and get our technicians to come and put a stop to the spread of mold.
After cleaning up the area, we will place dehumidifiers and vent fans to discourage Miami mold from growing in humid environments.

Step-By-Step Mold Remediation

After the initial mold assessment by our Miami mold specialist, we will determine the mold source and stop it to prevent further damage. Then:
  • The affected area will be contained through barriers.
  • Negative air equipment will be set up to ensure that contaminants do not escape the area. HEPA air scrubbers will be used.
  • Contaminated materials will be removed. This may include removing drywall and insulation as well as furniture pieces that are contaminated. Our aim is not to leave any mold spores that may remain dormant and reappear as soon as they contact water.
  • Surface cleaning is performed using special sanitizing and cleaning agents all over the areas that have been affected by mold.
  • Once the area is clean, our Miami mold specialist will set up dehumidification equipment to further remove any moisture residue.
  • A technician from our certified mold assessment services will conduct a mold inspection of the area to evaluate whether it is no longer contaminated by a mold problem.

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Mold Removal

It is hard to blame a single issue for causing mold problems in a home or business. Several factors may contribute to this situation and its countless consequences. Before allowing the mold to spread into the entire property, deep cleanup and restoration must be conducted by the mold removal experts at Alpha Restoration & Remodeling.

Mold Inspection

If you want to ensure that your home is free of mold, having a professional mold inspection in Miami, FL is the way to go. For a mold inspection service, call Alpha Restoration and Remodeling today; we will stop by the property at your convenience.

Mold Damage Restoration

Alpha Restoration & Remodeling serves all mold damage restoration needs of commercial and residential properties in Miami and the South Florida area. We provide professional and emergency services whenever you need us. Our technicians are trained in mold damage restoration and will work fast and efficiently to get your home and life back to the way it was before the mold issues appeared.




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