Mold Damage Restoration

Alpha Restoration & Remodeling serves all mold damage restoration needs of commercial and residential properties in Miami and the South Florida area. We provide professional and emergency services whenever you need us. Our technicians are trained in mold damage restoration and will work fast and efficiently to get your home and life back to the way it was before the mold issues appeared. We will arrive at your property ready to thoroughly review the situation and inspect the area for the presence of mold. As soon as the areas affected by mold have been identified, we will start the damage restoration process to get all evidence of mold out of your way. Give us a call today and let our mold damage restoration specialists in Miami get the job done at your convenience.

Our Restoration Process

Since mold spores thrive on moisture and humidity, any place where dampness or water can be found must be addressed to remove the mold that is there now and prevent more from growing in the future. To achieve this, we use industrial-grade water extractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers to remove water and dry out affected areas. All areas to be treated are contained, and anything that has been touched by mold is removed. We then apply disinfectants and antimicrobials to thwart any future mold growth.

We will identify areas where mold has been detected, sanitized, and purified with industrial-grade equipment. We use HEPA scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and vacuums to restore as many of your items as possible. Unfortunately, porous materials such as drywall or insulation that have been contaminated by mold have to be discarded since they cannot be restored.

Once the mold remediation treatment has been completed, drywall, flooring, carpets, and cabinetry, as well as anything else that may have been affected and suffered damage, is replaced.

Schedule Your Mold Damage Restoration Service Today

Miami and all of the South Florida area are known for their high humidity levels. Exposure to humidity is likely to result in mold. If you have recently suffered water damage in any area of your home, Alpha Restoration & Remodeling can take care of the problem for you. We can perform mold inspections and testing and restore any damage that mold might have caused.

Don’t wait until mold has caused health or respiratory issues to you or your loved ones. Some signs that you might have been exposed to mold are:

  • Constant coughing or wheezing
  • Nose bleeds
  • Unexplained stuffed noses
  • Chronic respiratory issues

It may be difficult to pinpoint the precise source of those uncomfortable symptoms since, although mold is easy to spot in some instances, other times, it can be growing behind walls or in your attic without giving you any signs that it is there. However, mold is not waiting for you to discover but is moving quickly and spreading throughout your home without you noticing its advance until its characteristic smell makes its presence known. Get rid of mold fast by calling Alpha Restoration & Remodeling today.